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Black Brown and Red Badged is the voice of diversity for business owners in the

Cannabis Industry

Here at BBRB, we see the value in Black and Brown entrepreneurship. We want to be a catalyst for positive change in the cannabis industry. The BBRB’s efforts are aimed at reinforcing critically needed political support for local and state policies to improve the access to capital among business owners of color; allow social equity licensing for minority and women-owned cannabis entrepreneurs; and advance delivery options for licensed dispensaries.

Black, Brown and Red Badged was founded in 2019 by Black and Brown cannabis business owners.  We have strong cannabis and political leadership at the board and staff level and contracts with a number of consultants to provide leadership in state and local lobbying, government affairs and strategic communications. BBRB not only has strong relationships with the governor’s office and regulatory agencies, but we work at the local level in Denver, Aurora, Boulder, Pueblo, Colorado Springs, and rural Colorado. We have a POWERFUL reputation of working with state and local regulators and policymakers to ensure the voice of those already in the industry, remain in the industry.

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