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BBRB is the only organization that speaks directly to the needs and advocates on behalf of those that are Black, brown and RED BADGED.

In other words, we advocate for those that currently own plant touching cannabis businesses.

Why is there a need for BBRB? Let's look at the numbers.

1745 Owners in Colorado

32 Black Owners in Colorado

111 LatinX Owners in Colorado

Furthering our cause is the most important goal of our organization. We seek to support, empower, and provide high quality resources to our members. Our success isn’t just measured in terms of value we bring to cannabis businesses of color, it is measured in the value and wealth we can generate in communities of color.

Open For Business


A Commitment to Representation


Building Support for Our Members


Helping The Community

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BBRB’s mission is to ensure that Black and brown owners are given the opportunity to grow their businesses, advance appropriate legislation, regulation and implementation of Colorado’s licensing and regulatory program that provides for diversity, equity and inclusion.  BBRB works directly with policy makers to ensure that Colorado’s program is fair and equitable and profitable for businesses of color. BBRB builds bridges among our members, new member owners and other partners of the industry.  We build strong relationships with communities of color to ensure that our voices are respected. We are the partnership that every organization needs to hear from.

About : Who We Are
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